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2012 Liberty Bell Award

Sean Crittendon with County Attorney Todd Thompson and Attorney General Derek SchmidtThe 2012 Liberty Bell was awarded to Mr. Sean Crittendon, Director of Juvenile Services.

Sean Crittendon was born and raised in Atchison and graduated from Atchison High School in 1996.  He then attended Friends University where he graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Organizational Management.

Sean began his career working with youth in 2003 while employed for Atchison Community Corrections as a part-time Juvenile Intake and Assessment Officer.  During that time, Sean worked for USD 409 at St. Francis Academy (Level 6 facility for juveniles) instructing Science and Social Studies for 3 years.  From there he helped implement the Truancy Reduction Program in Leavenworth County and worked as a Truancy Officer for 2 years.

Sean was then sent to Atchison to start a Truancy/Student Advocate Prevention Program while also Supervising Atchison Juvenile Intake and Assessment.  In the Summer of 2010, he returned to Leavenworth where he served as the Interim Director of Juvenile Services in Leavenworth County. In September of 2010, Sean was officially named the Director of Juvenile Services which includes 1st District Intake and Assessment, Juvenile Accountability Program, Truancy, Leavenworth Juvenile Community Corrections, and managing the Leavenworth Juvenile Detention Center and programs.  In the fall of 2011, Sean was also named the 1st Judicial District Administrative Contact and Juvenile Corrections Advisory Board Chairman for Atchison/Leavenworth.

In addition, Sean has served on numerous boards including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Atchison Adult Community Corrections, and multidisciplinary teams in Atchison and Leavenworth.

[Pictured above, left to right: Todd Thompson (Leavenworth County Bar Association President),  Sean Crittendon (2012 Liberty Bell Award Recipient), Derek Schmidt (Kansas Attorney General)]